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questions asked (Jan. 04, 2020)
writing task 1
Q. this was about a table chart with the info of sales of 5 types of vehicle(e.g. light truck) in 2010, 2012 and 2014 in australia
task 2
Q. It was something like "Male sports players appear more often on TV channels than female players. What is this? Do you think both women and men athletes should get equal amount of time on TV?"

part 1
Q. It was basically about the type of building I live in. e.g. "Do you live in an apartment or a house?"
part 2
Q. I needed to answer what changes I expect to be made to improve my community.
part 3
Q. The part 3 was all about communication in our community/society

I do not remember much of these, but i think there was the passage about the sleeping pattern of elephants.
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